Arnela Mahmutovic (born 1994 in Hamburg, Germany) is a painter currently residing in Albany, New York. Arnela holds her BFA in Painting from Maine College of Art. Prior to her transfer to MECA, Arnela Attended Hudson Valley Community College and received her AS degree in Fine Arts. She is currently completing a Masters Degree in Studio Art at the University of Albany.

As a first generation Bosnian-American, Arnela analyzes her traditional upbringing within Western society to create a platform for dialogue. She is interested in the displacement one feels when living between cultures. Drawing inspiration from old manuscripts, contemporary imagery and her own personal history, these influences are pulled onto the painting surface to both elevate their significance and disrupt the given structure. The veiled figures serve as anonymous forms but allude to the spiritual and by placing them in different environments, are constantly being de-contextualizing from their origin. Ultimately, the spaces these forms occupy offer context to an extent- the rest can only be questioned, assumed or projected.